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In everyday use, it is just as important to use a high-quality cutting tool to achieve trouble-free cutting. Observed problems occur for very simple reasons. Neglecting cleaning and lubrication comes first, leading to unexpected costs for the user due to lost time and wasted material. However, it is quite constant to be protected from these negativities. If it is necessary to specify the sequence of preventive maintenance procedures, the actions can be listed as follows. It is recommended to be done before the start of the day.

1- With the help of compressed air, remove all dust, sawdust and the remaining material from your machine.

2- Clean the ball screw nuts and rail-car equipment of the machine in motion with the brake lining cleaner spray chemical. This chemical dissolves sedimented dirt and oil in a short time and makes it easier for moving parts to work. In addition, this chemical evaporates in a short time and drying occurs. Operating the machine without oil and dry is inconvenient for mechanical parts. When it is observed that the cleaner spray is dry, it should be lubricated with slide oil No 68.


Points to be considered;

1- Remove the cutting tool when starting cleaning.

2- The collet, collet cover and collet bearing should be cleaned with compressed air and then lubricated with WD40.

3- If you use laser cnc lens and mirrors should be cleaned, chiller water level should be checked.

4- Cleaning and lubrication process should be done on the moving machine should be more effective results.

5- Do not re-lubricate dirty oil without using cleaning spray, dirty oil must be removed first.

6- After the lubrication, the cleaning program should be continued for 10 minutes.

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